A Feb. 27 editorial strongly urged the city of Minneapolis to work with the Park and Recreation Board and Graco Inc. to find a way to make sure a new recreational trail will run alongside the Mississippi River adjacent to Graco’s facilities (“Find a solution for Park Board, Graco”). That’s exactly the course we’re taking, and we’re optimistic that everyone’s needs can be met so that plans can move ahead to create this wonderful new amenity for our community.

We also value Graco’s presence in Minneapolis. This company provides jobs for residents and contributes to our tax base. Our hope is for a resolution that keeps Graco’s headquarters in the city.

In the next few days, city leadership and staff will be meeting with Graco senior leadership and our friends at the Park Board to work through the outstanding issues with the easement and allow the trail work to move forward. For years, our community has had the expectation that one day the trail would extend farther up the river. Now we have a chance to deliver on that vision.

All of the parties involved, including Graco, agree that extending the trail is a very good thing, so by keeping our eye on the goal, we can work out exactly how to get there. Our parks and trails are such a strong part of what makes our city great, and we all agree that this is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed to make them even better.


Barbara A. Johnson is president of the Minneapolic City Council and represents the city’s Fourth Ward.