Gunfire grazed the head of a pizza delivery person shot during a suspected robbery in downtown Minneapolis, and police said Sunday they are looking for the suspects.

The Domino's delivery person was wounded during the apparent robbery about 8 p.m. Thursday in the 700 block of East 14th Street, police said. The driver works for the Domino's in the 1100 block of Hennepin Avenue S.

Fabiana Reinert, who lives near the scene, told WCCO-TV that "three or four police officers were sitting right there by the sign and telling him, 'Stay with us, stay with us.' He was sitting down though, but also able to walk to the ambulance."

Authorities did not release the victim's name or condition as of Sunday evening.

Domino's spokeswoman Jenny Fouracre-Petko said the driver is in the hospital but that she didn't have any more information than that.

Emergency dispatch audio revealed that the delivery person had a "grazing wound to the head."

Two suspects, both males, ran from the scene, the audio continued.

The Domino's website says that drivers do not carry more than $20.

The franchised outlet's operating partner, Dave Randall, said Sunday that he was not saying anything about his employee out of respect for the family.

Paul Walsh