So many attributes describe Dolly Jones Sichko, whose unique character, endless energy and selflessness were well-known and adored by many.

Dolly was born July 2, 1928, in Albert Lea, Minnesota to Irene and Paul Jones, who nurtured her spunkiness, and instilled strength and values. Dolly’s zest and goodness stemmed from her roots as a true farmer’s daughter, who believed in working hard, helping your neighbor, and supporting your community.

Dolly was cherished by all who knew her because of Dolly’s most recognized trait -- her ability to talk with an ever-present intention of making the day more enjoyable. Every day, she engaged people around her in conversations about their hopes and happenings.  Her cheerful demeanor made people happy, and she made it her life’s work to know and care for many people.

Dolly had a one-of-a-kind relationship with each of her four children, Paul, Peter, Mary, and Martha. If the definition of a good mother is having all your kids adore you, then she succeeded in spades.

Dolly wrapped herself in her Catholic faith for unending comfort. As a good Catholic, unwavering belief rested with her prayer books and rosary.

Dolly gave her heart and soul when helping and serving others. She was treasurer of Albert Lea Community Theater for years, supported Lea College, participated in Church Woman United, drove for Meals on the Go, signed up for innumerable home-room mother shifts, raised funds for American Lung and Heart Association, and spent countless hours and decades volunteering for Naeve Hospital Auxiliary.

She found great comfort in her Old Shoreland Heights neighborhood. Dolly was the matriarch of Lee Place, where people looked after her and she looked after them.

Dolly contained so much good in one petite person, which is why she is Dolly the Good Talker, Catholic, Daughter, Neighbor, Homemaker, Sports fan, Wife, and Mother. Dolly passed on August 28, 2016.