There is a season to turn, turn, turn your compost, and that season is now. In fact, you should be turning your compost pile every week or so during the summer. So, if you've been mixing it up every time you add to the pile, your compost should be working well. If not, take time to turn it now.

Also, check the moisture level. For compost to keep working, it should be moist, not wet. If your compost feels dried out, add some water and mix it in well.

You can use completed compost to side dress plants and trees anytime during the growing season.


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In its first brand extension since introducing its line of decoratively packaged hand lotion, hand and dish soaps in late 2007, Daub & Bauble has added an aromatic All-Purpose Surface Cleanser to its lineup.

The Hugo-based company said the cleaner's active ingredient is natural, plant-derived, biodegradable and nontoxic, and works on nonporous finished surfaces, including tile, sealed granite and marble counters and wooden floors, among others.

Clad in D&B's signature mix-and-match patterns, the spray is available in three scents: Tarroco Orange & Clove, pictured; Mission Fig & Thyme, and Sorrento Lemon & Ginger; it costs $9 for 16 fluid ounces. Several Twin Cities-area retailers; see a storefinder at or order online at

While Daub & Bauble's packaging is all recyclable, the company said it is still considering product refill options.


Tour the most impressive Midwestern garden you'll never see -- an 1,800-square-foot home floating on the Mississippi River. Go to and look for the Inside Out logo.


If you love Veranda magazine, this is your blog. With musings (and pictures) on china closets of the rich and famous to fabrics from the Sister Parrish website, you'll read the word "fabulous" repeatedly, and find snapshots to match.

winner's circle

Wishing you could jettison those boring old blinds or worn-out wing chair? To celebrate 60 years in the decor biz, Calico Corners will give away a $5,000 home makeover. Entrants to the online-only contest can complete a form at through Nov. 15; the winner will be notified by Dec. 10.