So you don’t have the space, know-how or budget to build a pond? Plant a water garden with a bubbler in a container, and place it on a patio, deck or by the front door.

Use a watertight container that doesn’t have any holes in it, and pile stones in the bottom to prop up plants and bubbler. Place water plants still in their pots so they will sit just below the surface of the water. Steve Danielson crafted his own bubbler but you can find them at garden centers or online. You’ll need an outlet nearby to plug in the bubbler, which recirculates the water. Fill the container with water from a garden hose.

1. Water canna

2. King Tut Egyptian papyrus

3. Pink Chi Chi water petunia

4. Parrot’s feather

5. Blue flag iris

6. Red Giant Golden Club

7. Water lettuce (floats on surface)

8. Bubbler