Of course, it’s ice fishing season. Now, if the weather would fully cooperate.

There has been some movement in a positive direction. “A lot of the smaller to middle-sized lakes froze over the weekend,” said state climatologist Peter Boulay of the Department of Natural Resources on Monday. “We haven’t had a year like this in a few years, where it has been extra late. Last two years weren’t, and that is probably why this year seems more unusual. We had two fairly early-ish years before this. We haven’t had good weather for building ice, that’s for sure.”

Boulay said many of the medium-sized lakes that he monitors in the state froze over Dec. 19.

More weather data is online at climate.umn.edu, including lake freeze-up dates. Also find information there on ice safety and general thickness guidelines. The fluctuations in weather have degraded ice conditions, prompting warnings to not walk on ice until there is at least four inches of new, clear ice present.