Wildlife lovers take note: Roseau River Wildlife Management Area is opening its Wildlife Drive, beginning July 18.

“We’re just starting to hatch off ducklings and like that, so there is a lot to see out there for broods of ducks, swans, loons and so forth. … Between the wildlife viewing and the fishing, that’s what most people are coming there for,” said Randy Prachar, area supervisor, on what to expect on the pools of water along the 27-mile stretch that will open to vehicles for a nine-day period beginning July 18. The drive also will is open the following weekends through Aug. 16. The area is gated most of the year. Prachar estimated about a few hundred vehicles per day take advantage of the drive on the weekends. About 149 bird species breed within the Roseau River WMA, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Yellow rails and horned and western grebes are a few of the rare birds found in the area’s wetlands.

For more information, call 1-218-463-1130 or go online to tinyurl.com/q7mpk6n.