This is as edgy as a wet washcloth: Banksy is “trolling” Disneyland with his own theme park.

According to the Bristol Post, the amusement park is being billed as a “sinister twist on Disneyland,” and includes a pink dystopian version of the Magic Kingdom’s Cinderella Castle, a horse-like sculpture, an S-shaped gas tanker, and various other oddball attractions.

More here. Banksy is taking aim at Disney’s insistence that life is a fairy tale and everything has a happy ending and it’s fun to go to places that provide escapist entertainment, particularly if you’re five! LIFE IS DARK AND MISERABLE, and children should be taught this as early as possible, preferably by locking them in small boxes and playing the sounds of deer being ripped apart by predators. 

Elsewhere in escapism: via Coudal, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts’ Tumblr, which spotlights some movie palace concession stands. Details:

That's not exactly the largest selection, but there wasn't a lot of variety in the candy-bar world. The WHIZ was made by Beich Candies, and it was one of those chocolate & marshmallow confections. Looks like the 30s version had some nuts:

The company's gone, but you might enjoy these imags and biographical sketches.

DOWN SHE GOES Here's what the demolition of the StarTribune building looked like yesterday. It's a mere forty seconds.