Vegetables grabbed the spotlight on mainstream menus as never before this year. Here's a quick look at some of my favorites:

Ann Kim performing miracles with Japanese sweet potatoes on the wood-fired grill at her Young Joni.

T.J. Rawitzer at Esker Grove forcing us to think differently about parsnips (the secret? goat’s milk).

Nick Dugan at Bellecourusing the garden’s blank slate — cauliflower — as an occasion to push the rotisserie in an exciting new direction.

The transformation of Brussels sprouts (with an assist from sweet corn elote) by Pajarito chefs Stephan Hesse and Tyge Nelson.

The glorification of the humble carrot by Jamie Malone at Grand Cafe and Lucas Rosenbrook at the refreshed Restaurant Alma.

That’s a movement that we can all hope will continue, into perpetuity.