Patrick McGovern’s Pub & Restaurant

Listing the attributes of the patio at Patrick McGovern’s Pub & Restaurant would take all day, so let’s shorthand it to size (enormous), extras (fireplace, waterfall) and weather resistance (retractable roof). The kitchen — which cooks to midnight Friday and Saturday — is famous for its roast turkey, and finds a place for it all over the menu. Another bonus: the big-portions, All-American Sunday breakfast.

225 W. 7th St., St. Paul, 651-224-5821,


Red Wagon Pizza 

Resist the temptation to take a seat at the wide, L-shaped bar at Red Wagon Pizza and park it outside at owner Peter Campbell’s roomy sidewalk patio. Campbell and chef Sean Little keep their wood-burning oven busy, pulling out pizzas of distinction (love that zesty red sauce) as well as baked pastas and a signature chicken-sausage-peppers dish. Another plus: 36 tap beers.

5416 Penn Av. S., Mpls., 612-259-7147,


Vic’s Dining 

The days when everyone hung out at St. Anthony Main? They’re alive and well on the lively, well-appointed deck at Vic’s Dining. Check out the wild-rice/walleye egg rolls and the lavishly topped flatbreads, and don’t overlook the value-laden wine list. After lunch or dinner, soak up the gasp-inducing views at nearby Water Power Park.

201 SE. Main St., Mpls., 612-312-2000,