Herman Cain tests positive after rally

Herman Cain, the former pizza chain executive who ran in the Republican presidential primary in 2012, has been hospitalized with COVID-19 less than two weeks after attending President Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Tulsa, Okla. Cain, 74, learned that he tested positive for the virus Monday, and by Wednesday he required hospitalization for his symptoms but is not on a ventilator, according to a statement on his Twitter account. While it is unclear where Cain contracted the disease or how long he had it, Cain was among the several thousand attendees at Trump’s Tulsa rally, most of whom did not wear masks.

6,000 health workers infected across Africa

The World Health Organization says more than 6,000 health workers have been infected with the coronavirus in 38 countries across its Africa region since the pandemic began. Hundreds of health workers already have been infected in the latest hot spot of South Africa’s Gauteng Province, which includes Johannesburg and the capital, Pretoria. Across South Africa, more than 2,000 health workers have been infected. In Nigeria, nearly 1,000 have been sickened. The WHO’s 47-country Africa region has the most severe health workforce shortage in the world, and concerns about adequate personal protective gear are widespread. Already a handful of countries have seen more than 10% of their health workers infected: Guinea-Bissau, Sierra Leone, Niger, Mozambique and Burundi.

Study: 75% of people showed no symptoms

A study of New Orleans area residents infected with the coronavirus indicates 75% had no symptoms. The study released by researchers at New Orleans-based Ochsner Health was done in May. It looked at testing of residents in New Orleans and neighboring Jefferson Parish. The study indicated a death rate among those infected of 1.63%, much more deadly than the flu. Ochsner’s chief medical officer, Dr. Robert Hart, says the study demonstrated the need for masking and social distancing as the virus shows signs of resurgence in Louisiana and around the country. “We need to assume that we could all potentially be carriers,” Hart said.

5 Italian regions see slight uptick in cases

Five Italian regions reported slight increases in corona­virus infections, for a total of 201 new confirmed cases, nearly two months after Italy began easing its lockdown. Officials say the situation is under control and the new cases are being traced. Nationwide, the number of people hospitalized dipped below 1,000 for the first time in weeks. Hard-hit Lombardy had the most new cases with 98. Lombardy accounted for 21 of 30 deaths nationwide. Nationwide, Italy has had 240,961 confirmed cases. The official death toll in the onetime epicenter of Europe’s outbreak stood at 34,818 on Thursday.

Mexico City deaths triple normal level

The Mexican capital suffered about three times as many deaths as it normally would from March through May, according to the country’s coronavirus czar — the clearest sign yet of the extraordinary toll that the pandemic has taken on the city. That estimate comes from the government’s first detailed study on lives claimed by the virus. The excess mortality figure, which includes deaths both directly and indirectly related to the pandemic, is considered the most complete indicator of the damage done by coronavirus.

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