Designer Tasha Schultz shares her tips for shopping vintage and incorporating pieces into your home:

• If vintage furniture intimidates you, start small with accessories and art. They’re unique and add personality to a space.

• Trust your gut. If you like it, think it’s interesting and it’s in your price range, go for it.

• Be patient. Sometimes you get lucky, and sometimes you come away empty-handed.

• A good way to figure out how much to pay for vintage is to ask what you would pay for it new. Don’t forget to take reupholstering or refinishing into account. It might end up costing as much or more than new, but it’s probably of better quality and not something everybody has.

• If you don’t have time to cruise thrift stores, flea markets and estate sales, then local curated vintage shops like Carousel + Folk, MidModMen + Friends or Danish Teak Classics are great. You pay a little more, but it might be worth it because it can take a lot of time to find great stuff.

• Mix up vintage finds with modern pieces to keep your space from looking like Grandma’s house.