Our family cabin was bought sight-unseen by my parents in 1937.

An acquaintance of my dad had a cabin on a lake north of Grand Rapids, Minn. Hearing of another one for sale, he encouraged my father to buy it. My dad grew up near a crowded Lake Geneva in Wisconsin and, at the time, was a physician living near Chicago. He was intrigued by the promise of peace and quiet — not to mention the calls of the loons in northern Minnesota.

The cabin had no plumbing or electricity. It was built sometime in the 1920s. There have been many updates through the years, but it has kept the feel of our “cabin Up North.”

The place has been enjoyed by four generations. Watching birds and listening to the calls of the loon continue to bring peace. We have great fishing and lots of water activities on our beautiful, clear lake.

Also s’mores are extra-fine at the warm fires in the stone fireplace. Sitting to look out on the lake is one of the best activities to sooth the soul and thank God for such beauty.

We love that our kids and grandkids love our spot, wrapped in the arms of the Chippewa National Forest.

Jackie Hugdahl, Hudson, Wis.