It's not a re-run when it's live, it's a reunion.

It's not a re-run when it's live, it's a reunion.

Looking for a unique Yuletide keepsake? Head over to the Parkway Theater tonight or tomorrow and take part in a filming of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 crew’s newest live shows. Then buy DVD copies for all your friends.

The funniest, most scathing film critics in Twin Cities history will heap burning coals of scorn on the defenseless “War of the Insects” Friday and “Rattlers” Saturday. The ensemble – rechristened Cinematic Titanic -- reunites much of MST3K’s original cast. The pranksters are Joel Hodgson, Trace Beaulieu, J. Elvis Weinstein, Frank Conniff and Mary Jo Pehl. It’s a virtual Manhattan Project of comedic brainpower. Each performance will be filmed for a special 2011 holiday DVD release, so your shout of “Watch out for snakes!” can entertain your loved ones for generations to come.

(MST3K writer/performers Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett work separately, offering their wonderfully warped commentaries through Rifftrax, a library of downloadable MP3 audio files, and occasional live presentations.)

Hodgson and his company, unpretentious types that they are, invite the audience to meet up in the adjoining Pepito’s Restaurant bar, so get those autograph books and fawning compliments ready!

A limited number of tickets (general admission $28, reserved $35) are available at or at the door. The Parkway Theater is located at 4814 Chicago Avenue South, Minneapolis. Call (612) 822-3030‎ or visit