An Anoka County deputy saved the lives of two drowning fawns Tuesday.

The deputy found the pair of baby deer submerged in a wetland. After pulling them to safety, he performed CPR with a breathing bag, compressing their tiny chests with his thumb.

The deputy caught the lifesaving operation on his body-worn camera.

In related news, a patrol officer in Ely this week spotted a deer stalking a man out with his dog.

The officer stepped out of his squad car and began shouting at the animal, “attempting to divert the deer,” according to Ely police.

The officer continued to shout until the doe came toward him, but then it was distracted by two barking dogs across the street. The officer put an end to the matter by issuing “the deer a verbal warning and she was sent on her way,” according to police.

The Department of Natural Resources presumes the deer was protecting its fawns, reminding the public to steer clear of territorial does during the May-June birthing season.