I don't care what the official explanation is for the 20-minute delay in the bottom of the sixth inning of Tuesday's Twins-Dodgers game, and neither does anyone who watched the unbearable, interminable mess.

All that matters is that it was triggered by a double-switch (!), and it slowed down an already glacially paced game. The only saving grace we can take from the experience is that it produced some very good tweets.

The official account of the Twins tweeted, "We know this: Eddie Rosario is out of the game. Ehire Adrianza takes his place in left field. We're not sure why."

Heather Rule reminded us of this terrible fact in a tweet: "Only 30 Twins games of 98 (99 with tonight) this year have been played in less than 3 hours."

That's the real story here: Another example of baseball moving slowly and inefficiently in a world geared for speed.

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