This month is going down in history books as one of the hottest Aprils in India. Temperatures have recently soared above 40° C (104° F), shattering numerous record highs. Purulia, a city in eastern India, endured a high of 49.2° C (120.6° F) on Wednesday. The heat has led to the deaths of 28 people in the state of Orissa.

The heat wave will continue across eastern India today. This includes Orissa, but the most extreme heat will target states to the north. That has heightened fears of more people succumbing to the heat not only from engaging in daily activities, but also from waiting in lines for the nation's elections.

Longer lines are anticipated due to India using electronic voting machines for the first time. Dangerous heat stroke and dehydration are among the heat's threats.

India's national election process takes a full month to accommodate the over 710 million registered voters. People vote on one of five days, depending upon which state they reside in. Today marks the election's second day.

Story by Senior Meteorologist Kristina Pydynowski