DFL gubernatorial candidate Mark Dayton is working both ends of the age spectrum with two new television ads.

One directly targets seniors, who tend to disproportionately vote in primaries, and goes after Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty at the same time. It also reminds voters that Dayton previously arranged bus trips to Canada for Minnesota seniors so they could buy discount drugs. Although that issue may be less pressing now,  since many seniors' prescription drugs are covered under Medicare, the reminder may pay dividends at the polls.

The other new ad features kids and says, "As governor, Dayton will increase funding for education every year. No excuses. No exceptions."

That may be a promise that's tough to keep. Even though Dayton hopes to raise nearly $4 billion in increased taxes when he takes office, that will still leave the state with a possible $2 billion budget gap and little room for extra spending.

Here are the ads:

The transcript:

They’ve given us so much.
Built businesses. Farmed the land.
Raised our kids. Defended our nation.
But Tim Pawlenty’s cuts have hurt our seniors -- rising property taxes are driving them out of their homes.
Mark Dayton has fought for seniors his whole career.
Leading bus trips to Canada for cheaper prescription drugs.
Opposing plans to privatize Social Security.
Our seniors have done so much for us.
Isn’t it time for a governor who did more for them?
Dayton. Governor. For a Better Minnesota.



The transcript:

This is where the future is being forged.
One student at a time.
Giving our children the tools they need to succeed.
Our workers, the skills to compete.
But Tim Pawlenty has cut education funding in Minnesota.
Classrooms are overcrowded. Districts have gone to four-day school weeks.
Mark Dayton says it’s wrong.
As a former public school teacher, he knows education is the key to our economic future.
As governor, Dayton will increase funding for education every year.
No excuses. No exceptions.
Dayton. Governor. For a Better Minnesota.