Gov. Mark Dayton Monday teed off on the deficit fixes Republicans are proposing saying they would demolish services from meat inspection to city parks while giving rich Minnesotans a tax break.

"Once again the Republicans just simply can't help themselves at providing the richest Minnesotans with more benefits then they provide to middle income families, working families," the DFL governor sad.

Dayton accused Republicans of a "lack of candor" in pitching their tax cut plan as one that would benefit low and middle class Minnesotans.

"I don't know whether the legislators just don't understand what it is they're doing or that they understand and are not being entirely candid with the people of Minnesota and I don't know which is worse," Dayton said.

According to the Minnesota Department of Revenue, if the House Republican proposal became law, in 2012 Minnesotans who earn $75,000 or less in income would have their taxes cut by $53 or less with the lowest income Minnesotans, those earning less than $9,999 a year, would see their taxes reduced by just $3 a year. Minnesotans who earn more than $100,000 would see more than $100 extra in their pockets and those earning $150,000 to $499,999 a year would pay $200 less in taxes annually.

The governor  also bashed as "ridiculous" a plan to decimate aids to local governments while forcing local officials to freeze property taxes. 

On Monday, Dayton asked legislative leaders to allow his commissioners to testify about the impact of their proposed budget cuts. The governor said among other impacts, the proposals would curtail the very streamlining of permitting the GOP has pushed and he signed into law.

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