David Cross probably didn't know that Ron Perlman was a University of Minnesota grad when he evoked the "Sons of Anarchy" star's name in his act Wednesday night at the Pantages Theatre.

He probably didn't care. The comic was less interested in making local connections and more focused on reminding his audience that he's just as caustic now as he was more than 20 years ago when he and partner Bob Odenkirk were influencing a whole generation of troublemakers through their ground-breaking HBO sketch series, "Mr. Show."

On Wednesday, Cross joked about threatening to snuff out his newborn child, chastised those who rely on the Bible for guidance and even poked fun at feminists, despite the fact his wife, Amber Tamblyn, has been a leader in Hollywood's #metoo movement.

But he saved his most vicious attacks for Donald Trump. Near the end of the 90-minute performance he shared details from a fantasy in which Perlman becomes the Democratic presidential nominee squaring off against the current president in a debate. It ends in a highly graphic, physical takedown that climaxes with the president being used as a toilet.

Perlman didn't actually make an appearance, but another celebrity did take the stage -- briefly.

During the encore, someone handed Cross a beer from backstage and he pointed out that some fans had been upset by the fact that his wife had been signing copies of her new novel, "Any Man," at Magers & Quinn so close to his showtime.

Tambyln, best known for her starring role in "Joan of Arcadia," stepped out of the shadows for three seconds and gave the crowd the finger.

No wonder they're in love.

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