Danny Valencia collected the game-winning hit Wednesday night to give the Twins an exciting 2-1 walk-off victory in the tenth inning. He was then served a delicious whipped cream pie (rather than a shaving cream stinger) in his adorable rookie face courtesy of Jon Rauch during his post-game interview. The kid is on an absolute tear right now, especially at home, where he's batting .432. Just ridiculous.

Wednesday night was quite a treat if you're into pitcher's duels. Max Scherzer was outstanding over nine innings for the Detroit Tigers, retiring 12 of his first 13 batters until the Twins finally put one on the board in the fifth. Francisco Liriano pitched very well, getting himself out of trouble time and again to compile seven shutout innings after 104 pitches. Not bad, Frankkkkkkkie. He's been a joy to watch this season and has more or less lived up to my Spring expectations.

Jim Thome has delayed the gift of sweet, sweet muffins by being scratched from the lineup once again due to tightness in his back. Not sure what the deal is there, but I hear a guy's backside can get awfully sore once he hits 40. At any rate, I suggest you guys come up with some more dates for Jim Jam's tater tot, since many of them have already passed.

Speaking of soreness, Justin Morneau has been given some recent medical advice: stay home and rest. Really? With the advances in medical science these days, rest is still the best medicine? Or was that laughter... either way, it's crappy that our Canadian Crusher can't seem to shake these post-concussion symptoms. However, it seems the Twins are doing alright without him.  If it ain't broke don't fix it, right?

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