Monday, August 6

There are all sorts of reasons to visit Minnehaha Falls.  There are bike trails, the Sea Salt Eatery and, of course, the falls themselves.  After you spend some time soaking up the cascading water, take a hike along the creek.  You can follow the path downstream until it meets up with the mighty Mississippi.  On your way back, stop off at the wading area and play “Grizzly Bear.”  The kids can pretend they’re trout swimming upstream while you lumber around with claw hands saying, “I’m a bear!  I’m a bear!”  Your kids will think it’s funny.  Everyone else?  Be on the lookout for nonverbal cues.


Wading in Minnehaha Creek


Tuesday, August 7

Another of the best-kept secrets in town is the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge.  This is a beautiful site near the MOA that you can visit on your own, or take advantage of their free programming.  Today they’re “Making Tracks: Below the Bluff” from 5:30-7:30 pm.  Meet Park Ranger Judy Geck at the Old Cedar Avenue Trail Head for a guided expedition in the river valley and neighboring wetlands.  The site says to expect brisk walking with frequent stops.  Sounds like my attempts at jogging.


Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge

Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge


Wednesday, August 8

How many zeroes are in a bazillion?  I don't know, but it looks like there are five people in The Bazillions, and they will be playing at The Shops at West End today for free.  The concert will be outdoors from 11 am to noon in the covered arcade.  We are invited to bring a blanket or some lawn chairs, and to visit the St. Louis Park Farmer's Market afterward.  If you can't make it today, or even if you do, the Okee Dokee Brothers will be there next Wednesday.  My neighbor insists they are way better than OK.

Thursday, August 9

You might remember Hennepin County Library KidLinks from an earlier post but, if you’re anything like me, you’ve forgotten by now.  Don’t let this resource languish in the cobwebs of your mind!  It’s been one of my favorite sources of free activities all summer long.  If you click on the link above you’ll find seven options just for today, not to mention four guys-only or girls-only book clubs for which you could’ve registered.  You could probably still send your kids to those, but they might get some funny looks when they start making stuff up.

Friday, August 10

Maybe it's time the squirrels and slugs aren't the only ones eating out of my garden.  The Como Conservatory has a new exhibit called "Roots, Shoots, and Fruits - The Incredible Edible Garden" open every day from 10 am to 6 pm.  Their hope is that you leave inspired to plant and eat your own garden.  A guest expert will be on hand at 11 am daily giving pointers on what to plant, keeping pests away, and how to use the fruits of your labor in meals.  You can find the garden in the old butterfly exhibit site.  They razed butterflies to put up a garden plot.


My garden

My garden

Saturday, August 11

If you didn't get enough gardening yesterday, you can visit Mixed Precipitation's Picnic Operetta today. This is theater mixed with community garden.  Make your reservations, then bring your chair or blanket to the Eat Street Community Garden at 4 pm to enjoy a performance of The Return of King Idomeneo amongst the rhubarb.  Rumor has it there may also be a meal prepared by a chef/gardener using local produce.  This is a free performance, but you will have the opportunity to make a donation.  Oh, and keep your mitts off the blackberries while you're there.  Your stained lips will give you away.

Enjoy your time!

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