Twin Cities bartenders working when the GOP holds its national convention in St. Paul next month should listen up: Republicans like their drinks straight up, and they arrive early for happy hour. A survey of Washington, D.C., bartenders commissioned by a leading liquor company broke down Democrats and Republicans when it comes to their drink selection and bar behavior. Here's what it found:

Who's a better tipper? Democrats 60 percent, Republicans 38 percent.

Who is more likely to order a drink straight up? Republicans 82 percent; Democrats 14 percent.

Who is more likely to order a fruity (pink) drink? Democrats 58 percent, Republicans 34 percent.

Who has the better pick-up lines? Democrats 74 percent, Republicans 14 percent.

Who is better at giving a toast? Democrats 63 percent, Republicans 36 percent.

Who is more likely to arrive first for happy hour? Republicans 50 percent, Democrats 48 percent.

Who is more likely to be the last to go home? Democrats 53 percent, Republicans 46 percent.

The survey of about 100 bartenders in the Washington area was commissioned by Beam Global Spirits & Wine Inc. (maker of Jim Beam bourbon, Canadian Club whisky and Courvoisier cognac, among others) in collaboration with Clarus Research Group.