Today: Billy Hildebrand, aka Billy the Captain, the radio host of KFAN Outdoors (100.3-FM) on Sunday morning.


Most reading topics are around dogs, dog training, fishing, conservation and general outdoor topics. I recently read “The Best of Jimmy Robinson” again on a rainy cabin day. It was a Father’s Day gift to my father in the 1960s. It seems the older I get, the more history amazes and enjoyment is found within it, along with lessons we too soon forget.


I’ve strong feelings about the mining questions on the edge of the Boundary Waters Canoe Wilderness and can’t understand how anyone could potentially harm or destroy them for such minuscule short-term gains. I’m also a huge supporter of Minnesota’s public lands, i.e., wildlife management areas, waterfowl production areas and all public lands. How could so few put effort into fighting the addition of additional lands? Again such short-term gains for so few ignorant politicians. I will continue to fight for public lands.


As a retired public school educator, I’m a believer in kids and a supporter of teachers! The public has so much to learn and if they knew and understood the value and role of teachers along with the effort that goes into every hour of every day with 30-35 young people. So much would change.


Country music is the genre I most enjoy, along with sports talk.

Hunting and fishing

Now retired and in my 60s, life revolves around family, friends, dogs and the four seasons. With each season comes a new beginning and, as it changes, comes closure. Spring brings the cabin opening, turkey hunting and fishing. Summer includes cabin life, family gatherings, fishing and more fishing. Fall is filled with bird hunting, dog partners, family and friends, deer, and eventual cabin closing. Winter passes with ice fishing, wood stove fires, dogs and family. Then the cycle begins anew the next spring. Life is enjoyed and good! Most is shared and lessons taught through the airwaves on Fan Outdoors Radio on KFAN 100.3 FM. Questions and comments are welcome!