The Disney brand may be best associated with cartoons, but TCM doesn't want you to forget that the studio is also responsible for some highly entertaining live-action films aimed at teenagers. The cable outlet is running many of these classics, including "The Apple Dumpling Gang" and "Freaky Friday," every Sunday this month. In addition, there's a brand-new documentary, "The Age of Believing: The Disney Live-Action Classics" (6 p.m., TCM), narrated by "Bedknobs and Broomsticks" veteran Angela Lansbury.


In the new documentary "Drama High: The Making of a High School Musical" (8 p.m., KSTP, Ch. 5), a predominantly white high school in Virginia attempts to put on a production of "The Wiz" and prove that anyone, no matter their race, has the ability to ease on down the road.


Ryan Seacrest is on the loose again. As an "American Idol" host, he's top-notch. As a producer, he's responsible for one reality stinker after another. His latest: "Momma's Boys" (9 p.m., KARE, Ch. 11) looks like "The Bachelor" -- but with mom tossed in for good measure.


"Fritz: The Walter Mondale Story" (7 p.m., KTCA, Ch. 2) is running only on Minnesota public stations. Too bad. The new documentary, directed by Melody Gilbert, deserves a wider audience as it smartly presents how Mondale revolutionized almost every office he ever held. One nit: I would rather have heard from more objective commentators and less from not-so-objective family members (daughter Eleanor narrates).


Things get totally out of hand on a new edition of "Million Dollar Password" (7 p.m., WCCO, Ch. 4) when guest William Shatner mistakes fellow guest Aisha Tyler for Lt. Uhura and host Regis Philbin for Dr. "Bones" McCoy, leading to the worst "Star Trek" reunion of all time.