collinsworthNeither Sunday Night Football nor Bill Simmons’ HBO show have had a great year in the ratings department.

But, uh, one was worse than the other. SNF is still very much on the air and being watched by millions. Simmons’ show, after being watched by thousands, was canceled by HBO and had its final live airing last week.

That has perhaps given Simmons even more time to devote to his beloved Patriots. He crafted a tweet Sunday night that read: “Somebody needs to gently break the news to Collinsworth that the Pats have a weak front 7 and that’s why Seattle’s O-line looks good.”

Cris Collinsworth, the Sunday night analyst, took umbrage to the gentle barb.

He tweeted — then deleted — this on Monday: “Thanks Bill, we’ll look for you ‘gently’ breaking it down on that hit show of yours.”

Oh, that’s cold.

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