After having written so much about NFL player protests and Colin Kaepernick, I feel it is my duty to also acknowledge that the United States has a flag code. It's time everyone started following it.

I was at a football game last weekend and saw a grotesque violation of the United States flag code.

I believe the players involved should be barred from working in their chosen fields.

Just so you know, the U.S. flag code states that:

1) The flag should not be worn on clothing.

2) The flag should not be worn as part of an athletic uniform.

2) The flag should not touch the ground.

There are a few other clauses. None of them state that you may not sit or kneel in the presence of the flag, or during the National Anthem.

This weekend's violators of the actual flag code?

It was a local high school team. They wore the flag on their jerseys and pants. Some even wore American flag socks. The players rolled around on the field while wearing the flag.

Kaepernick is out of work for doing something that didn't violate the flag code. In fact, he chose to kneel after a Viet Nam veteran told him that would be a respectful way to make his point.

It's the NFL and other football organizations and teams that frequently try to turn the flag into a fashion choice, and a promotional item.

I'm just kidding about the high school football players. They shouldn't be denied the ability to make a living because they blatantly violated our country's flag code.

But neither should Kaepernick.