This doesn't matter at all, except in that it seems consistent with all the other speculation and vague reports floating around this week:

ESPN asked five NFL Insiders to rank the likelihood of where Kirk Cousins will sign, giving them four options: Vikings, Jets, Cardinals or Broncos. All five had the Vikings No. 1 on their list.

The case was made for Cousins-to-the-Vikings for many of the same reasons we talked about on Tuesday's Access Vikings podcast. The Vikings can afford him. They are built to win in at least the short-term and medium-term. And Cousins values winning.

ESPN also noted a tax break Cousins could receive: "The reciprocity tax, which means workers in Minnesota who are Michigan residents can pay their income tax to Michigan. Cousins owns a home in Michigan, which means instead of paying an income tax of 9.85 percent to Minnesota he'd be on the hook for only 4.25 percent."

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