The Hennepin County attorney's office is reviewing the case of an officer-involved shooting of a Minneapolis man in April.

Raul Salvador Marquez Heraldes, 50, lunged at officers with a knife before running away and stabbing a man in a south Minneapolis apartment building April 4. The officers, David Robins and Eric Malmberg, shot Marquez Heraldes, who died at Hennepin County Medical Center.

The state Bureau of Criminal Apprehension investigated the case and turned its findings over to the county attorney's office last week, said BCA spokeswoman Jill Oliveira.

Robins has been with the Minneapolis Police Department for two years, and Malmberg for three years. Both officers were placed on standard administrative duty, but have since returned to active duty.

According to the BCA:

The officers responded to a 911 call to 2120 Minnehaha Av. S. about 5:15 a.m. April 4 and encountered Marquez Heraldes in the building foyer, armed with a knife.

As the officers opened the two-story building's front door, Marquez Heraldes lunged at them with the knife. The officers retreated. From outside, they could see that Marquez Heraldes had entered an apartment. The officers followed him into the apartment and located him in the bathroom.

The officers attempted to speak with Marquez Heraldes through the door, and they soon began hearing screams for help from another person in the bathroom, later determined to be the apartment's resident.

The officers forced their way in and found Marquez Heraldes stabbing the man. Both officers shot Marquez Heraldes.

As the officers attempted to secure him, Marquez Heraldes struggled with them, leaving Robins with a hand injury. Robins was treated for a broken bone and did not require hospitalization.

The man Marquez Heraldes stabbed was seriously injured. He was identified by the BCA as Alan R. Coleman, 63.

Terry Haigler, who is a live-in manager at the apartment building, said he heard loud noises from his neighbor's apartment. When Haigler knocked on the door, Marquez Heraldes came out asking for help.

"He kept saying, 'Please help me. Someone is trying to kill my family,' " Haigler told the Star Tribune in April. "He was highly agitated."

After saying he wanted to speak with his wife, Marquez Heraldes "started yelling, 'I'm going to kill this man, I'm going to kill him,' " Haigler said. "The tenant [Coleman] started screaming, and [police] had no choice."