Just got off a call with Kurt Rambis after their practice Sunday afternoon in London. Here's some of this, some of that from the conversation he had with Twin Cities reporters.

* NBA security briefed the team at practice today about a U.S. State Department alert issued today urging Americans in Western Europe to be vigiliant about potential terrorist attacks.

But mentioned there's NBA security that accompanies players when they venture into London on their own, such as this afternoon when some Lakers players are going to an English league soccer game. But he said there's no heightened concern among his team about the alert.

"There's nothing out of the ordinary from what was going prior (to the alert)," he said.

* When asked if his team is ready to play a game, "We'll find out...Our guys are competing. I like that. They're getting after it. They like to compete. They like to get after it. I enjoy it. There's going to be a certain amount of erratic play. Guys are going to be nervous, excited about the game. I want to see them play hard. I expect fouls and disorganization. We'll put different lineups on the floor and see how they fit together."

* When asked if his team has gotten back into a routine after nearly traveling an entire day overseason. "It's hard. There are a lot of distractions, time commitments, even just traveling. It's taking us 45 minutes just to get to the practice facility. Our guys are still tired. I understand that. But they're pushing themselves through it. Their sleep patterns are still off. Will they be normal (by Monday's game)? No. They'll probably be in sync in Europe the day in play in Paris and then leave. That's the day they'll probably be in sync."

* When asked if his players are finding some unity and team chemistry while overseas together, he said, "Our guys are doing a real good job. They're excited for each other. They're doing a fair amount of trash talking in a good-natured way, which is good. Guys are getting along, working hard, which is the critical part for me. It's all about self improvement, team improvement."

* Has he figured out his lineup and rotations yet? "No, we'll talk about that this evening."

* The Wolves and Lakers dined together at the Palm Restaurant on Saturday night. When the Wolves arrived, they were greeted with painted caricatures on the restaurant wall, a Palm tradition.

Was his likeness as handsome as he is in real life?

"It was a lot better looking. I wish I looked like my picture. I had hair."