Vikings wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson was still thinking about the final play of regulation on Wednesday.

What could’ve been is all we’re left asking on a missed 66-yard field goal attempt by Bears kicker Robbie Gould that Patterson fielded in the end zone. He didn’t score, but if he would’ve followed his blockers, Patterson thought he would’ve had a better shot.

“I could’ve got passed all of those guys in my eyes with the way they set the blocks up,” Patterson said. “I went the wrong way. I tried to set it up the way they were blocking it up, I tried to go the opposite way, but I should’ve gone to our side on our bench.

Let’s break it down and see if in fact he did have a shot at scoring:



Patterson fields the missed field goal about eight yards deep in the end zone without anyone within at least 30 yards near him.



Patterson has two defenders at the 20-yard line before he even exits the end zone, but the Vikings begin the start forming a wall for Patterson.



With Patterson at the three-yard line, the Vikings have their wall formed. If he can somehow get by the first Bears defender (circled in red), Patterson has a great shot at scoring if the four Vikings players circled in yellow make their blocks (circled in red).



Instead Patterson goes the opposite way of the wall. He wanted to draw some defenders away before following his blockers, but Patterson slipped right before this screenshot and forced to stick to his right.

You can see linebacker Marvin Mitchell (in blue) clearly pointing at Patterson to follow his blockers.



...and that's Mitchell's reaction (in blue) after Patterson commits to the right side. He jumps up in the air with his hands on his helmet almost in disbelief. The Vikings nearly had an Auburn-Alabama finish.

"I know I didn’t [score], but we got the win so that’s all that matters," Patterson said.