The newest members of what could be dubbed the $100,000 club were revealed in reports filed by a pro-business group, which can use the money to support or oppose candidates in the governor's election or other races.

Best Buy, the Regis Corporation beauty salon business, and Securian insurance and financial planning each gave $100,000 in recent weeks, bringing the total contributions from business to $750,000. The fund, called MN Forward, has about $500,000 on hand to spend.

Target, Polaris, Hubbard Broadcasting and Davisco Foods earlier gave $100,000 each.

David Olson, president of the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, said he hopes the fund will raise $2 million to $5 million from corporate revenues.

The U.S. Supreme Court this year cleared they way in Minnesota for corporations to spend money directly on ads for or against candidates. Union groups have long had the authority.

One pro-union group, Alliance for a Better Minnesota, reported raising nearly $1.7 million. It has spent much of the money on T.V. ads attacking GOP gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer, but still has about $886,000 left to spend.

Two related groups that help fund Alliance have raised over $2 million.



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