"Honey, is it gonna rain? I want to get yardwork in," my dear wife of 36 years asks me.

I shrug. "It might," I say. "Then again, it might not."

"You're not helping me," my wife says, exasperated.

"Changeable?" I reply, smiling inside.

"I have NO idea how you've made it this far!" she says. To defuse the situation I look out the window. "Looks good off to the west," I confirm. Isn't marriage fun?

I'm happy not to be tracking pulsating red blobs on radar today, as a cooler, drier front sweeps last night's storms out of Minnesota. Dew points droop into the 50s, meaning all of us with be breathing easier. Dry, sunny, quiet weather lingers into Thursday.

Another surge of humidity fires off more thunderstorms Friday into Saturday. It's early (it always is), but Sunday should be the sunnier, nicer day next weekend.

An August sun is growing weary now. Nights are cooling off. Summer is in the top of the seventh inning. Soak up every moment.