A 2002 paper suggested that 39% of America's GDP is "weather-sensitive," subject to the whims of Mother Nature. Agriculture, utilities, transportation, recreation and the insurance industry are all affected.

NOAA reports a record 22 separate billion-dollar weather disasters in 2020. Worldwide, 2020 brought a record 50 separate billion-dollar disasters.

Which is to say I'm taking this exasperatingly cool stretch of weather in stride. It has been too cool, dry and stable aloft for severe storms. I miss the warm fronts, but not quality time spent hunkering down in my "bunker."

A nagging cool bias spills into next week with temperatures below average through midweek, before a surge of warmth the weekend of May 15-16. That's Minnesota's Fishing Opener Weekend, and models suggest 70s, gusty winds, sticky humidity and a few gangs of boisterous thunderstorms. Here's hoping the walleye are biting.

Pro tip: You can get a bad sunburn when it's in the 50s. It's all about sun angle, not temperature.