To be a meteorologist is to live a life of perpetual paranoia. "What can go wrong and when?" I'm waiting for an enterprising business to build a pipeline from the Great Lakes to the thirsty western U.S.

Think about it: California is in the middle of the worst drought in at least 500 years. Forget oil pipelines. You can't drink oil, or sprinkle it on your crops. What happens when a big city runs out of water? Threat and opportunity: There's a need for new technologies that use less water, while better capturing the rainwater that does fall. It's coming.

September will wind up much wetter than average across much of Minnesota and Wisconsin, but today will be serene and postcard-perfect, with highs in the mid-70s. We teeter on the edge of a warmer front much of this week, our sky irritable and capable of thunder Wednesday into Friday. This sticky boundary lifts north next weekend with more 80s by Sunday.

Autumn officially kicks off on Wednesday, but the maps look more like late August.