My recent ankle injury (watch the ice!) has me recalibrating my New Year's resolutions: Spend more time and effort getting healthy. More time on relationships, experiences and making memories, less time accumulating junk that winds up in a landfill within a few years.

No, winter hasn't been canceled, although something I hear routinely is how Minnesota doesn't experience as many long-duration cold waves: night after night, week after week below zero. The stories your parents told you, growing up. The wild weather-war stories that fill visitors with wide-eyed wonder.

A slushy mix is possible Wednesday, maybe an inch or two Friday as a weak storm spins up along the leading edge of arctic air. Sunday's Vikings playoff game may be one for the ages: 0 degrees, with a windchill of 25 below? The Seahawks won't know what hit 'em. A reinforcing lobe of subzero air arrives next Tuesday, but temperatures moderate late next week; a Pacific breeze thaws us out by the third week of January.

Next week will be a numbing reminder that Minneapolis-St. Paul is a distant southern suburb of Winnipeg.