LOS ANGELES -- "Throwing Shade," which premieres Tuesday night on TV Land, will introduce a lot of viewers to co-host Erin Gibson. But for those who follow Minnesota politics, or more specifically, Minnesota politicans, she's a familiar face.

Gibson started doing an impression of former congresswoman Michele Bachmann back when she was in the national spotlight,.The bits first appeared on Current TV and later went viral on the Funny or Die website.

""I liked her wide-eyed, no-blinking confidence without knowing what you're saying," said Gibson, who looked back at the impersonation as she prepared to move forward with her new show that will champion women and gay rights issues through snarky commentary and sketches."I thought it would be fun to be that dumb and confident."

Gibson admits she doesn't look a whole lot like Bachmann.

"But we both have nasally voices," said Gibson who grew up in the Houston area. "I wondered if anyone would say I was doing a cartoon version of a Minnesota accent, but I never got busted."

Gibson never heard from Bachmann. "I don't know if she knows internet sketches," she said. "I feel like she still has a VCRI with a remote that plugs in."

The comic doesn't do the impression anymore and doesn't miss having the former presidential candidate  in the spotlight. But she is nostalgic about something else tied to Minnesota.

"You closed one of your most iconic sausage places!" she said.

Gibson, who performs in the Twin Cities about once a year, was referring to Nye's.

"Shade" premieres at 9:30 p.m. Tuesday on TV Land.