"He's determined to see change and to be a positive part of that change. And so he's not really letting anything get in his way of that." — John Hanson, who hired Lake at 610 Sports Radio in Kansas City and WCCO-AM.

"He's always been kind of a combo-platter guy. … When I would have him on occasionally … we would talk about a lot of education stuff and frustrations about what's going on in the schools and what needs to get better and what efforts are being made that are counter to what he thinks could even be effective." — KFAN host Dan Barreiro on Lake's passions outside of radio, including helping Twin Cities youth.

"The eclectic group of people that he was introducing me to, I was like, how do you know this person? And it was like, moguls in real estate and media figures, really impressive people. … And he's just kind of leading the conversation and making everybody laugh. You could tell he was a really special person and that he was engaging with everybody." — KFAN personality Carly Zucker on her first time hanging out with Lake outside of work.

"The thing that he's in a position to do with his voice is hopefully other people who've listened to the show and go, 'Hey, I don't always agree with what you say, but, man, thanks. I get it.' " KFAN personality Mark Rosen on what makes Lake good on the radio.