Norm Coleman's new advocacy group, the American Action Network, embarked on what appears to be their first foray into the post-Citizens United advertising world yesterday with a radio ad supporting a House candidate in Pennsylvania.

Hot Dish reported on Monday that Coleman's group had launched two television spots supporting candidates in Ohio and Washington, but they did not venture into the new direct messaging territory allowed under the Supreme Court's landmark Citizens United ruling from this winter.

But yesterday, the group took advantage of their new ability to encourage people to vote for or against specific candidates through advertising. The minute-long spot running in Pennsylvania asks people to vote for Tim Burns, the Tea Party organizer running for John Murtha's seat, at the state's special election on May 18th.

"Tuesday, May 18th, vote to support Tim Burns and his plan to grow our economy and create good jobs here in Pennsylvania," the announcer says.

This precedes the Network's bus trip to Pennsylvania this weekend, where they will be joined by Republican Rep. Bill Shuster as they knock on doors for Burns. Here's a message from Coleman about that trip:

UPDATE: Before they launched their new ad, the Network registered with the FEC. The group will be required to report their direct advocacy expenditures to the FEC moving forward. Most donors will not have to be disclosed, however.

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