A coin toss decided the sixth and final place in the upcoming general election for the Farmington school board after Tuesday's primary ended up in a dead heat for that final spot.

Wednesday, that 360-360 deadlock between candidates Carol Kappes and Bruce Westover was broken at a board meeting by a state-required drawing of lots. In this case, a flip of a coin was the chosen game of chance.

With Westover and Kappes standing by -- he was assigned tails, she was given heads -- school district administrative assistant Lori Jensen tossed the quarter in the air. It clinked to the floor, and the two candidates leaned forward to see the result: tails.

Westover, 37, now joins five others in the Nov. 4 vote.

Kappes, 48, was philosophical about her defeat in her first run for elected office. She said she won't push for a recount, citing the long odds of being sixth in the primary and going on to earn one of the three contested seats in November.

She said she wishes turnout had been higher, but she said she did her part, making sure her husband, Gary, voted.

"I reminded him," she said.