Homegrown production

Six Minnesota-born players, led by Amir Coffey and Reggie Lynch, have played for the Gophers this season. That’s double the number who played last season. Here’s a look at how local players have shaped this season’s in-game action.

Win Percentage

2016-17*: .882

2015-16: .258


2016-17: 163

2015-16: 124

Minnesotans account for 23.7 percent of the team’s rebounds this season. They accounted for only 11.6 percent last season.


2016-17: 54

2015-16: 12

Minnesotans account for 47.4 percent of the team’s blocks this season. They accounted for only 10.6 percent last season.

Pct. of scoring

2016-17: 27.8

2015-16: 18.7

Locals have scored 365 points (27.8 percent of the team’s scoring) this season. That’s nearly 10 percent more than last season’s 18.7 percent (395 points).

*Through 17 games this season; 14 regular- season games left.