If you buy gasoline in the Great Lakes region, the odds are good that it was refined from crude oil that passed through a terminal in Clearbrook, Minn., 30 miles southwest of Red Lake. Two companies operate there.

Enbridge Energy

Owns the main terminal, major pipelines and pumps that feed its 1,900-mile Lakehead System.

History: First Edmonton-Clearbrook-Superior oil pipeline opened in 1950; five parallel lines were added later, the last in 2010. Oil pipeline from Minot, N.D., built 1962, later acquired and expanded by Enbridge.

Capacity: 2.5 million bpd* Canadian mainline to Superior; 210,000 bpd from North Dakota.

Clearwater County assessed value: $175 million.

2012 property tax: $4.2 million.

Minnesota Pipeline Co.

Owns tanks and pumps on property adjacent to Enbridge's terminal, plus pipelines linked to Twin Cities' refineries.

History: Began operations in 1955, later expanded; employs 60 people in Minnesota.

Capacity: 395,000 bpd to Twin Cities.

Clearwater County assessed value: $54 million

2012 property tax: $1.4 million.

*barrels per day; Canada lines carry some N.D. crude; Employed by operator Koch Pipeline Co. Sources: Enbridge Energy, Koch Pipeline Co., Clearwater County treasurer, assessor and historical society.