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A roundup of Thursday’s chatter and buzz online:



“On the shuttle to the Citrus Bowl. Bus full of Gophers, only two Mizzou fans. #lesssgoo #skolGophs.”



end of half

“Gophers had three timeouts there. Mitch Leidner is angry. I dont blame him. What a waste.”



“C’mon Jerry - let the kids play! Cannot save those timeouts.”




“How much money did Maxx just make with that play?”



“Maxx Williams just won the 54-yard hurdle contest.”

@JoeCStrib, Star Tribune beat writer


And from one tight end to the other ...

“Maxx Williams, well done. #Gophers”

@KyleRudolph82 of the Vikings


Game slips away from u

“This is more of a Citrus-After-Brushing-Your-Teeth Bowl for the #Gophers.”



“We are getting out-coached.”

Hankster, startribune.com comment


“Wisconsin wins, Minnesota loses. Usually how it works.”

LOL, startribune.com comment



“They get ahead just like against Sconie and then play it cozy. With 3 quarters to play you can’t play it safe against anyone. Unleash the Kraken. Forget that playing not to lose.”

MatthewJames, startribune.com comment


“Congrats on a good season. Hard loss but the team is getting better and better. Fun ride and I am looking forward to next yr.”

OdinSkol, startribune.com comment


“I think 8-5 is the ceiling for this program and coaching staff.”

LOL, startribune.com comment


“Minnesota Gophers came up short against Missouri but it was a great year. Congratulations to Coach Kill and the team!”



“Thanks everyone for all the support!! These past 4 years have been amazing!! Has truly been an honor to play side by side with my brothers!!”



“Although we didn’t win, I’m still proud to be a GOPHER! Thankful for my MN friends and family. Proud of our SR’s! #SkiUMah.”

@realMN65, OL Josh Campion


“MN @GopherFootball Coach Jerry Kill & family arrive at Orlando restaurant for post-game meal; patrons sing him the Minnesota Rouser.”

@PatKessler, WCCO reporter