Gophers offensive coordinator Matt Limegrover acknowledged Thursday that the team will be careful with left tackle Ben Lauer recovering from a high ankle sprain.

"He’s made some progress, done some things, but at the same time, you rush that back, you might be right back at square one," Limegrover said.

It sounds like Jonah Pirsig will get his first career start at right tackle, with Josh Campion moving over to left tackle, filling Lauer's spot. This will be a chance for Pirsig to show his stuff. When Lauer gets healthy, Campion could move to right guard, allowing the Gophers to keep Pirsig with the first unit.

"I’m going to do my best to keep that spot once Ben gets back," Pirsig said. "And it’s all about competition from there on out."

Wide receiver Drew Wolitarsky was held from practice again Thursday. The team hasn't given details about the injury, but the media hasn't really had a chance to ask, either. Long story, but Coach Jerry Kill is usually the one to give specifics. His days to talk to the media this week were Tuesday and Saturday. I didn't hear Wolitarsky was injured until late Tuesday night.

Again, the injury doesn't sound serious. Limegrover explained that the team's multiple tight end sets have made it where wide receiver injuries aren't as costly. The team can get through a game relying on three of four wide receivers, if they have to.

"But obviously we want to get Drew back as quickly as possible," Limegrover said. "He’s worked well with Mitch all the way through. So we want to get him back, but at the same time ... you build depth so one injury doesn't tip you over the edge."