As an American I have the freedom to make poor choices. Like putting up our Christmas tree before Halloween. I know, I know. A travesty of decorum and good taste. But must I remind you we're living in dark times? Anything that adds light and temporary, fleeting glimpses of joy is a good thing. It'll stay up until March, by the way. Guilty as charged.

It feels like November out there today, with hair-curling winds and a distinct whiff of windchill. Enjoy the goose bumps because a rerun of September is still on track this week. Weather models hint at two waves of western warmth, with five or six days above 60 degrees. ECMWF predicts 70 in the metro a week from today, which I doubt. But since it's 2020, I wouldn't rule it out.

There will be no good (meteorological) reason not to get out and vote Tuesday, with afternoon readings in the low to mid 60s. Rain is likely a week from tomorrow with a return to colder weather by Nov. 10. I could have used a "shrake" yesterday, removing snow AND leaves. Anyone?