Well, have you enjoyed the weather for the start of spring those that live in the Midwest and the Northeast? You mean you haven't enjoyed the cool, damp weather mixed in with the blustery, chilly and even snowy conditions of the last few days? Well, enjoy today's reprieve from Mother Nature because, well, how can I say this, well, it is going to be a rainy, damp, blustery just plain miserable day across this area Friday. Indianapolis and Columbus, Ohio will see an all day soaking rain, Cleveland and Pittsburgh will see rain move in during the morning, Philadelphia around noon, and rain will arrive in New York City and Hartford, Conn. during the afternoon.

Boston and Providence, R.I. will see a wet night Friday night last into Saturday morning. Across many of these cities, travel delays will occur. So everyone trying to see family for the holiday weekend, give yourself a little extra time to make the trip safely.

Story by AccuWeather.com Meteorologist Mark Paquette.