Today, I want to share a recipe that I crave when I’m sick with a cold. That’s when I need Chinese food, and not the excellent renditions found at any number of restaurants.

I’m talking about Chinese-American food found in many American strip malls. Specifically, I crave chicken lo mein. I think it’s the sauce-drenched noodles that I love. The taste is strong enough to satisfy my dulled taste buds. I add more flavor with dashes of Sriracha sauce or a spoonful of kimchi.

My starting point was a chow mein recipe from Food Network star Ree Drummond. The recipe lends itself to adaptation: Use leftover spaghetti instead of rice noodles, add leftover cooked shrimp or beef instead of chicken, vary the vegetables to your liking.

By prepping the vegetables and cooking the noodles in the morning, this dish can make a quick weeknight dinner.

Just don’t wait until you are sick to make it.