WASHINGTON -- The Hillary Clinton campaign is dipatching the former secretary of state's daughter to Minnesota this Wednesday to three organizing events in the Twin Cities geared to galvanizing young families.

Chelsea Clinton will visit three homes, two in Minneapolis and one in Eden Prairie, to "help build support for her mothe'rs campaign ... and to talk to caucus-goers about how her mother will make a difference for families as president."

Hillary Clinton could use some help among the younger voting set.

Early voting results out of Iowa showed Democratic caucus goers there under the age of 40 tilted heavily to Clinton's competitor Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, including a whopping 85 percent of attendees under the age of 24, according to CNN exit polling samples. Attendees over the age of 50 tilted towards Clinton and accounted for about 60 percent of all caucus-goers.

Chelsea Clinton's events tomorrow are free and open to the public. Clinton camp sends these deets over:

Wednesday, February 3

Caucus Organizing Meeting

When: 11:00 AM

Where: Home of Laura Bishop and Chuck Weber, 7311, Hames Way, Eden Prairie, MN 55346

Public RSVP Here


Women for Hillary Organizing Event

When: 12:15 PM

Where: Home of Karen and Paul Thissen, 4427 Fremont Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55419

Public RSVP Here


Women for Hillary Organizing Event

When: 4:15 PM

Where: Home of Lisa Cotter, 222 2nd Street SE (River Room), Minneapolis, MN 55414

Public RSVP Here