Spent much of the day watching Tiger Woods' first round at Augusta.

Now, he was helped by easy scoring conditions, and he hit a couple of terrible shots that banked off trees and back into play. Still, how cold-blooded do you have to be to play excellent golf after a five-month layoff while every sports fan in the gallery - and in the nation - is whispering about your personal life?

My theory all along has been there is no way he contends for a championship this week, but he's in good position at the moment, near the top of the leaderboard at a tournament where he rarely starts quickly.

Cold. Cold-blooded. Cold-hearted. All of them apply to Mr. Woods.

-Another perfect day in Anaheim. I have a cousin who used to live in San Diego - La Jolla, specifically. She grew up in Detroit, and she found the weather to be boring. Southern Californians just don't build character the way we do.

-I guess I should say I'll be intrigued by Kevin Slowey's start tonight, since he's coming off a wrist injury that ended his 2009 season, but I'm really not. I think he'll pitch well. I don't know if he'll ever be great, but I think he'll be good for a long time.

-Anyone else notice that the only Twins' reliever who hasn't done his job so far is the one who showed up at camp overweight - Jose Mijares?

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Last week we had Brad Childress and Twins president Dave St. Peter on.

I'll check in here after tonight's game.