Those wacky bean counters at Caribou Coffee are at it again. The Brooklyn Center-based coffee shop chain says it's coming out with a brew that will stay hot in your cup for eight hours.

But before you dash over, check Wednesday's date.

The company announced Monday that its "Workday Roast" will debut on April 1, and we all know what day that is.

Workday "can stay at optimum drinking temperature, 160 degrees, for eight hours," Caribou said in its announcement.

The trumped-up beans are from Pilosa Flor (rearrange the letters for another hint), an island off the coast of Papua New Guinea, and have special qualities that keep a brewed cup hot throughout a typical American workday.

Caribou then made sure to point out — to those who made it to the very end of its announcement — that the company is a "fun-loving, quirky, community-driven brand which regularly celebrates holidays like April Fools' Day and encourages employees to engage with guests in a lighthearted nature."

Nate Hrobak, Caribou's roastmaster and a real person, said, "We take our coffee seriously, but not ourselves. Workday Roast doesn't exist yet, but until then, there is always Caribou."

Last year, Caribou pulled our collective legs with Clear Coffee, but most everybody saw through that.

Minnesotans got another dose of April Fools' hijinks Monday, that coming from the veteran pranksters in Ely, the gateway community to the Boundary Waters.

This year's gotcha: The City Council has passed an ordinance to create a "No Drone Zone" within the town's limits. Yes, officials insist, the law takes effect on April 1.